Minutes from this morning’s meeting

My notes from this mornings meeting:

1. I must make a note for myself to call students who are off for 3 days or longer to check how they are and keep kamar up to date.

2. We discussed the fact that with the best will in the world, students do forget the words so put the words back up, but find the music without someone singing in the background.

3. I have addressed the issue of bullying/proper respectful manaaki towards other students in form class several times. After this meeting today, I reminded them again that it is not acceptable to just stand by either. They could go and fetch a teacher or older student, or try to talk to the bully in a reasonable voice and talk them out of doing the bullying, or separate them (cooperation works wonders).

From: CK
Sent: 18 June 2015 9:08 AM
To: ORE Form Teachers
Subject: Minutes from this morning’s meeting


Orewa College.

Ph (09) 4273833 ex232

18_06_115 Week 9 Term II.docx


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