UNESCO Celebrate World Literacy Day

World Literacy Day

Every year it is on 8 September. This website has all kinds of ideas to get people involved and using their literacy! Mention this in the classroom and put a note on my w/b. Many students take their literacy for granted. Once you can read and write, what else do you need to learn?  Is this an idea for a Level 1 class discussion on what work they are doing to contribute to their level 1 literacy credits? and why is literacy, together with numeracy, specified on NZQA website, and Kamar internally.

Update October 2016

Here is another article about literacy – this time about how parental attitudes may affect literacy and love/ability of reading in students.


I know from talking to my year 9 students this year, that those who regularly read, voluntarily, because they enjoy reading, tend to have a better vocabulary and write more fluently. In particular, I am thinking of the excellence students I have such as ……………….. When I take the class to the library, they settle down quickly, and often tell me what they are reading at home at the moment. Other students, including the priority learners, take more time to settle and have trouble picking out a book to read.

Future idea: Examine the link between parent/whanau attitude to reading using a google form?



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