TAI Languages Dept – Vocabulary acquisition

Vocabulary acquisition in a year 9 Spanish classroom. LP stats assessment days months

Breakdown of the current topic:

  1. Students learn days of the week,months of the year, and numbers at least to 31.
  2. Students create a Spanish calendar. Example below. Theory: by constant repetition of the vocabulary, the words are remembered, and remembered accurately so they can be used in context.
  3. Students use Language Perfect to practice their language skills (reading, writing, listening and spelling).
  4. Students have a Language Perfect assessment at the end of the unit to show what vocabulary they have retained. This result, together with the mark for their calendar, forms part of the Spanish mark on Term 1 report.
  5. Link to LP Statistics regarding the assessment:LP Stats
  6. Link to LP Statistics regarding points status as of week 8 term 1 2016: LP Points March 2016





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