Language Dept TAI end of year 2016. Reflection.

Included in this post are:

  1. Link to Education Perfect task list for both semester 1 and semester 2.
  2. Brief reflection on EP tasks and my summary.
  3. Student results semester 2 (results for semester 1 are included in a previous post).

1. Education Perfect task list and reflection:

2. Reflection on EP tasks:

After giving students plenty of freedom to choose which tasks they do on EP during semester 1, and this resulting in very little done by most students, I decided to take a more structured approach. Semester 2 I have given homework assignments right from the first week, and have also given the students at least 30 minutes in class time to get started on this homework. I noticed that once they got going, and got into a rhythm, most found it easy to carry on working on the tasks at home. The completion percentage dropped off in term 4 around the time the students were revising and doing their year 9 exams. This is understandable and after a short class discussion about this, I decided to carry on with the routine of starting a new homework topic each week, and encouraging them to catch up on anything they had missed.

I created a test in term 4 – the first time I’d done that. Most students completed the test in class time, and scored well. A few complained that their answers were approximately correct, but that EP marked them wrong. I have learnt from this that I should give more possible answers, or set the test up in a different way, to ensure students get maximum possibility of getting the translations correct. The students who did not do the test online, did a print out of the vocabulary instead. They did not score better than the ones who did their test online.

Later posts about two questionnaires I gave the students of the semester 2 class, include detailed analyses and reflections on the Languages Department TAI this year.

To sum up: Students clearly need some regular, structured vocabulary practice in order to learn the words they need for specific purposes (the tasks and topics). Students have not yet learnt how to do this themselves, and need guidance to some degree. It is my belief that a combination of EP tasks, and keeping a vocabulary booklet, contributes effectively to students’ learning/acquiring and retaining vocabulary.

3. Student results (kamar markbook) Semester 2 (terms 3 and 4).


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