Priority Learners Yr 9 Spanish Semester 2 (sem 1 included)

The list of priority learners in this class is attached here (scroll down to Semester 2). I created the list half way through term 3, with comments, then updated it at the end of term 4, to reflect the marks on their reports. Comments from term 4 are in red.

I noticed that the students marked as ‘priority learners’ in term 3, remained a concern in term 4. It is a pity that two of them (Trae Davies and Jade Waipara) lost 15 credits out of 20 in term 4. This, despite my regular encouragement and assistance in class. I will have a chat with these two to find out what could have been done to ensure solid achieves on their parts. One point of interest is that even though they scaffolded their final assessment (a documentary about an animal in Spanish), neither of them completed the task. They just seemed to give up and at one point Trae told me “just give me not achieve miss”. I was surprised at this attitude. I plan to discuss these two students with colleagues in the Languages Department to see if there is another way of motivating uninterested students to at least complete work to a point where they can get an achieve.


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