Year 10 Questionnaire about goals for Term 3

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Student Evaluation 2015 Term 1

Student Evaluation 2015 Term 1.pdf


I am happy with these results.

Organisation. I do my best here and I think the results reflect that.

Links lessons together. I could do this more explicitly, or perhaps at a different time during the lesson as I usually do this at the beginning and at the end of each lesson.

Behaviour. I could do better at helping my students feel more engaged. I will think of ideas of how to engage the students who I believe are more frequently disinterested or off task.

Cognitive engagement. I could use graphic organisers more in class to help the students organise their ideas and tasks.

Success. I should check more often that students understand the material and understand what is expected of them.

Comments: It is interesting that many students like my explanations and the plenaries, yet some feel it is too much and they would rather get on working independently.

There is a clear message that I should check for understanding and correct them if they have not understood something, more regularly.

Student Evaluation Term 1 2015

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Student Evaluationpg2T1


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