Adam brown Director/Sharon Harvey (AKTESOL EXPO)

Notes on the introduction to AKTESOL’s Winter Solstice Expo 2015.

Key words:

Superdiversity – City of Auckland.




Super diversification

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1.docx

I heard about this Expo from Maree Jeurissen who manages the TESSOL GradDip at UoA where I have studied. I decided this would be good external PD for this year, plus the fact that I know one of the speakers, and another is an ex TESSOL lecturer – John McCaffery.

Notes on each presentation I attended follow on from here.

Diversity of Language and Culture. Classroom examples.



Post that added categories?