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Kamar PD Tuesday 26/5/15

Comparison 2014 student achievement data

Reflection on my L1 English results 2014. Comparison with OC school averages and other decile 9 school averages.
AS90052 1.4 Produce creative writing. Last year for the first time I gave my L1 external students a choice of tasks. Either version A Conflict and Resolution. Or version B Up close and personal. (2015 versions attached).

Most students chose version A. Version B was new to me.

I spent quite some time in class teaching how to write correct dialogue as I had done some research into ‘showing not telling’ a short story. And dialogue is one of the ways you can do this. Unfortunately some students used too much dialogue in their story, and did not get the punctuation correct. I also noticed during the moderation meeting that not all of my colleagues agreed about how much dialogue would be acceptable. There were points made during the meeting which I wish I had known beforehand. I have taken these on board to improve my teaching this year. 

Results: 23% NA, compared to the school average of 15%. Going through the results closely, I notice that students who did not achieve in this assessment, still managed to get their level 1 literacy because this result must have shocked them into trying harder for the rest of the year. 

My aim this year is for fewer students to get NA for any assessment. However, I recognise this is not something I am fully in control of, because ultimately the students have to do the work themselves. 
AS90852. 1.8 Explain significant connections across texts using supporting evidence. I was mostly satisfied with these results. I was pleased that many of the students who had NA for creative writing, achieved this assessment. I had fewer NAs, comparatively, and 6% more merits. My goal would be to encourage merit level students to reach excellence standard more often, to meet the average which was 12% last year.

I am using the same texts as last year, but will check more thoroughly which text the students choose for their own choice, and to ensure students understand they must find their own connections in their own text.
AS90855. 1.7 Create a visual text. This internal assessment has already been this year. I hope the end result will be fewer NAs than last year as I made a concerted effort to change the way I taught this assessment. This year I showed the students plenty of exemplars, and went through 3 NA exemplars quite thoroughly with them before they started. I often get the impression the students would do well with extra time, as there is not a lot of time for the gathering and processing of techniques, exemplars and short pre-production tasks. However, I organised e time better in class so I hope this will have made a difference. 

One difficulty I experience is that the ‘Internal’ students are much slower to get started, and also there are more students at this level who are reluctant to make a picture. I found it difficult to motivate these students and keep them on track, however, ultimately, only one student did not submit because he stopped coming to school.
In the final analysis:

1. I had 81 students. 86% of whom passed level 1 English. 91% of whom attained level 1 literacy though English credits alone. This was higher than 86% and just under 92% respectively. 

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