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Reflections on 2 AKO observations 2017

Links to AKO observation forms (carried out by SO) and reflections on both. Conclusion and next steps at the end:

  1. Observation on 10-5-17 (a year 8 Spanish class).

Reflection: Learning process – At the beginning of the course, students are still getting used to the way I set out Google Classroom, and may not have had much written feedback or a mark yet as they have only just handed in a first piece of work. So they will not have had an opportunity to look at checkpoints, or be aware of how they are doing.

Learning environment – Interesting comments as actually I have given them choice of content, how they want to present their work, and who they work with. Students at this level still may need to learn how to adjust their learning, and understand how to use feedback.

2. Observation on 15-11-17 (a year 9 Spanish class).

Reflection: Learning process – “Students are able to discuss, evaluate and adjust the learning process to meet their needs”. This is level 3, and this is what I am aiming for but I have noticed students are not yet effective at evaluating their own learning process, which is clear by the comments made here.

Learning environment – Good to see these students understand they are being given choices in content, context and process. Some students still need to practice adjusting their learning by using feedback and exemplars.

Conclusion and next steps

Both student feedback moments, although snapshots, show a fairly realistic view of the class at that time. There is a difference between how students perceive their learning experience in my class at the beginning of a course (1st one), and later on in the course (2nd one) as they have settled and are more able to discuss their experience in my lesson.

I believe my next focus should be on “Teacher supports students by discussing, modelling how to evaluate and adjust their learning process” (level 3). I will adapt my courses to include more modelling and practice of evaluating (comparing) student work to success criteria. Clearly, there are individual differences and learning to evaluate your own work is a process which needs to be guided, but this could be achieved by peers in groups using authentic texts and previous student examples, rather than teacher led examples and whole class board work, which is what I have tended to do up to now.

Year 10 Questionnaire about goals for Term 3

Here is a link to the questionnaire itself:

Here is a link to the spreadsheet with results:

Adam brown Director/Sharon Harvey (AKTESOL EXPO)

Notes on the introduction to AKTESOL’s Winter Solstice Expo 2015.

Key words:

Superdiversity – City of Auckland.




Super diversification

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1.docx

I heard about this Expo from Maree Jeurissen who manages the TESSOL GradDip at UoA where I have studied. I decided this would be good external PD for this year, plus the fact that I know one of the speakers, and another is an ex TESSOL lecturer – John McCaffery.

Notes on each presentation I attended follow on from here.

New vacancies in the Education Gazette

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Below are new vacancies on the Education Gazette website that match your criteria.

Minutes of Language Dept PD meeting 28/10/15

It was my turn to take the minutes today.

These meetings are alternate Wednesday mornings, 8.15 to 9.00. Each meeting highlights a different aspect of learning at OC. For example today we looked at flipping the classroom in the context of a digital classroom and SAMR.