PLD report Orewa College 2016 docx.docx

From: Meryl Howell
Sent: 30 November 2016 11:55 AM
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Subject: PLD report Orewa College 2016 docx.docx

FYI – feedback from Helen

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Subject: ELLs PLD report Orewa College 2016 docx.docx

Hi Meryl

Please find a draft copy of the work we have done at the school. Could you please read through it. Have I missed anything? Is it correct? Are you happy with it? I will wait for your reply then send it to the Principal and you may like to add it to the Board report.

Again, I have enjoyed working with you, even for such a short time. Thank you for your support.

Nga mihi nui

Helen Panayiodou

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ELLs PLD report Orewa College 2016 docx.docx


Thoughts on Learner Agency November 2016

Here is a link to a recent article on TKI


Year 10 Questionnaire about goals for Term 3

Here is a link to the questionnaire itself:

Here is a link to the spreadsheet with results:

Adam brown Director/Sharon Harvey (AKTESOL EXPO)

Notes on the introduction to AKTESOL’s Winter Solstice Expo 2015.

Key words:

Superdiversity – City of Auckland.




Super diversification

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1.docx

I heard about this Expo from Maree Jeurissen who manages the TESSOL GradDip at UoA where I have studied. I decided this would be good external PD for this year, plus the fact that I know one of the speakers, and another is an ex TESSOL lecturer – John McCaffery.

Notes on each presentation I attended follow on from here.

New vacancies in the Education Gazette

From: Annie Davis
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To: Gillian Taylor
Subject: FW: New vacancies in the Education Gazette

Whoo Hoo! JJJ

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Subject: New vacancies in the Education Gazette

Hello Annie

Below are new vacancies on the Education Gazette website that match your criteria.

Minutes of Language Dept PD meeting 28/10/15

It was my turn to take the minutes today.

These meetings are alternate Wednesday mornings, 8.15 to 9.00. Each meeting highlights a different aspect of learning at OC. For example today we looked at flipping the classroom in the context of a digital classroom and SAMR.