John McCaffrey presentation

Key words/phrases:

Utilising Total Language Resources (TLR) for learning. TLR includes dialects, registers, varieties of languages students know and bring to class.

Dynamic bilingualism


His lecture today forms the basis of his PhD studies.

Cognitive and academic engagement of culturally diverse students.

Translanguaging (Ofelia Garcia)

Student autonomy over their own learning.

Cognitive engagement and identity engagement.

Collaborative enquiry – make significant links to students’ lives and experiences.


Dorothy Thwaite (AKTESOL EXPO)

All about language learning vs literacy.

Inclusive teaching in the classroom.

Language learning is about transferring skills. Literacy is about building new skills.

Adam brown Director/Sharon Harvey (AKTESOL EXPO)

Notes on the introduction to AKTESOL’s Winter Solstice Expo 2015.

Key words:

Superdiversity – City of Auckland.




Super diversification

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1

AKTESOL Winter Solstice Expo 2015 programme draft mk4 4-6-15-1.docx

I heard about this Expo from Maree Jeurissen who manages the TESSOL GradDip at UoA where I have studied. I decided this would be good external PD for this year, plus the fact that I know one of the speakers, and another is an ex TESSOL lecturer – John McCaffery.

Notes on each presentation I attended follow on from here.

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