John McCaffrey presentation

Key words/phrases:

Utilising Total Language Resources (TLR) for learning. TLR includes dialects, registers, varieties of languages students know and bring to class.

Dynamic bilingualism


His lecture today forms the basis of his PhD studies.

Cognitive and academic engagement of culturally diverse students.

Translanguaging (Ofelia Garcia)

Student autonomy over their own learning.

Cognitive engagement and identity engagement.

Collaborative enquiry – make significant links to students’ lives and experiences.


Ben and Jan presentation (AKTESOL)

Pilot schemes govt is setting up for ESOL students. Now in developmental stage. Using digital technology and developing digital resources and apps for tablet/mobile phone delivery.

Resources – they are using Paul Nation’s list of survival vocabulary. Pilot scheme May 2015.

Dorothy Thwaite (AKTESOL EXPO)

All about language learning vs literacy.

Inclusive teaching in the classroom.

Language learning is about transferring skills. Literacy is about building new skills.

Wearable arts competition


I was pinkied for HLR period 2 in the Dance studio. I realised there would be a room change, so I checked with Michelle, and also asked for a lesson plan. Classroom was S18. There was no lesson plan available, so Michelle and I went to their office and found Gentry Simpson, who was teaching parallel with me. We started our classes, then she came over and did the roll for me, and also took half the class with her to do practical work, while the rest stayed with me, working on their blog.


Classroom tech a gimmick or a game changer article

This was a link from and AQA email I received on 14/10/15. Reading this has helped to confirm my classroom experiences so far with digital resources – that students appear to be more on task, engaged, motivated and willing to complete a task, even if it is a bit more challenging than normal, if they are given the opportunity to use their device, they are free to choose which resource or website they may use and they can collaborate with other students as well.

Note taking alone, using refill and a pen/pencil, is no longer motivating and does not reflect the way they live. The students who voluntarily choose to use refill in class for notes, or tasks, are few and far between. While working digitally, of course there are distractions such as notifications coming through, and the temptation to check your imessages, facebook etc and reply as well. Actually, this also reflects the workplace as well because I know from talking to young adults that they are constantly interrupting their work with short ‘breaks’ to keep up to date with their friends, or check their emails.

Perhaps the discussion should be about whether it is ok to allow these mini ‘time-outs’ in the classroom or not. I have reviewed another article about this.

Diversity of Language and Culture. Classroom examples.